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Trying on brooches - tips and tricks

In modern fashion, a brooch is one of the most original, noticeable and non-standard details that can completely transform your appearance. By attaching it to clothes, you can create bold combinations, come up with unusual images, create an elegant, cute or creative image. There are products in any style - from strict classics to outrageous "boho", thanks to which such products can be worn with pleasure by both young girls and elegant ladies. It's simple, the main thing is to correctly combine them with other elements of clothing. Therefore, if you are going to buy a brooch, this article will be very useful - you will learn how to turn an ordinary decoration into your personal "highlight".  Explore an array of stunning brooches at and discover how these exquisite pieces can become the defining accents of your wardrobe.

Brooches - with what and how to combine

A brooch is an unusual, elite, and self-sufficient accessory. Therefore, when trying it on, you should especially carefully consider all the details of your suit. And be sure - the effect of such planning will be simply mind-blowing! So, here are some basic recommendations for wearing brooches:

  • make sure that this decoration will be the only bright accent of the ensemble you have created. In combination with other noticeable accessories, the brooch will lose its charm, it will look defiant and even vulgar;
  • the material from which the clothes are made is also important. Shiny satin or lurex, as well as dresses embroidered with rhinestones and sequins are not the best background for shiny jewelry;
  • the color of the fabric should not merge with the color of the brooch;
  • the outfit should be as laconic, restrained and strict as possible. Then, decorating it with an unusual author's accessory, you can look elegant and stylish;
  • try to "beat" the material, shape or color of the accessory in other elements of the wardrobe. For example, leather jewelry can be complemented with a leather clutch bag of a similar color, and the amber flower on your chest is well-shaded by small poussette earrings made of sun gem;
  • a brooch always emphasizes the area to which it is attached. Therefore, with its help, you will be able to emphasize the winning details of your appearance - say, a long and slender neck, a graceful waist or breasts;
  • when buying an accessory, you need to take into account your body type. In particular, it is better for petite and short women to refrain from buying too large and massive products - they will look too noticeable and disproportionate;
  • when wearing multiple brooches at once, make sure they look good together. Yes, you should not combine modern jewelry and cargo items. But a few small ornaments in a modern style will perfectly complement each other.

Creativity or classic - different ways to wear a brooch

Once there were strict rules and norms of etiquette that regulated how to wear brooches. For example, massive products were allowed to be fastened exclusively to the lapel of a jacket, and light and miniature ones were worn only with a dress, pinning 10-15 cm below the left shoulder.

But now designers are showing new ways of wearing jewelry. Jewelry of various sizes and shapes can be seen on the waistband of pants or skirts, they are used instead of a belt buckle, and also as fasteners for a bag. They decorate berets and hats, coats, jackets, shoes, even underwear! Equally popular are traditional fashion techniques - for example, to fasten the ends of a scarf with a brooch or to decorate the bodice of a dress with it. And small brooch bouquets decorate clothes at the wedding.

Dress and brooch - sophisticated appeal

When combining an accessory and a dress, you should pay attention to the cut of the outfit. If it has a boat neckline, it is best to pin the decoration on the side, just below the shoulder. This way of wearing is also suitable for a dress with a shirt cut (most often they are made in the "safari" style) or for a dress-robe with a scent.

When decorating evening dresses with a deep V-shaped neckline with a brooch, try to fasten it at the lowest point of the neckline, where the two panels of fabric meet. This will emphasize the bust and collarbones, visually stretch and balance the silhouette.

Does your dress have an asymmetrical cut? Stylists advise decorating the more closed side of the outfit with jewelry.

An accessory in the middle of the bodice will set off a strapless dress that reveals the shoulders. The same applies to summer sundresses of a similar cut.

A long dress falling down in soft folds can be modified with the help of small decorative pins. By arranging draperies in a new way, you can completely change your outfit.

And if you want to experiment, pin a brooch on your belt. It is best if the decoration contrasts with the fabric of the suit and stands out against its background - this way you will make the figure slimmer.

Shirt and brooch - creative elegance

A brooch attached to a blouse can complement a romantic, business and even everyday outfit - it all depends on its location. When choosing where to place the decoration, it is necessary to be guided by considerations of convenience and practicality. Therefore, it is most often fixed on the left shoulder, but sometimes it is also attached to the right.

Such a trend as a brooch pinned right under the throat does not lose its popularity. This way of wearing is borrowed from Victorian fashion - then ladies wore blouses fastened with all the buttons, and so that none of them came undone, they additionally fastened the collar with a pin. Now fashion designers produce products designed just for this - they resemble unusual stylized necklaces.

A variety of the accessories described above are cameo brooches decorated with a pattern carved on the surface of the stone. Such jewelry, as a rule, is made in vintage or retro style. They are worn attached to shirts with a stand-up collar.

The edge of the collar is decorated with miniature jewelry. They look organic and cute on light dresses made of chiffon and gauze.

Double-corner brooches look great on a classic shirt. They are symmetrically attached to the collar. Sometimes the elements are connected by a hanging chain - so it looks like an original necklace.

A jacket and a brooch are respectable brevity

Attaching a brooch to a jacket is a well-known way to add a little personality to a business suit. But such a combination will look attractive only if you correctly maintain the proportions of the ensemble. Yes, there is no need to wear a very small accessory on a blazer with wide lapels, because it will simply get lost. But too massive jewelry can pull and even tear the fabric. Therefore, if you still want to try on a large piece of jewelry, it is better to take care of additional fastening.

And most importantly, when wearing a brooch, listen to your aesthetic taste and sense of style. Then the image you come up with will be individual and unforgettable!