The Caribbean Pest Information Network

Plant Health Institutions (PHI)

Individuals and organizations in Member Countries (MC) involved with Plant Protection are requested to provide information concerning Plant Health operations in their respective institutions. In order to do this, they were required to complete a questionnaire. The information to be posted include the name and address of the institution; the name(s) of the scientist working there and the pest problems being researched; infrastructure available and collections held. Basic information is posted on the CariPestNet and sites, in addition, the latest research results are also updated weekly. Such a function is quite useful and convenient to use both for employees of institutes and for students. This database is established to better acquaint members with the pest problems that are being addressed in the sub-region and by whom.


Biosystematic resources in the Caribbean sub-region

The biosystematic resources of member countries is in more detail than is presented in the PHI form. It includes, inter alia, information on the collections' name, status, source of financing, function, main taxonomic groups represented, number of specimens held and curation level according to the Smithsonian Institute (SI).


Unfortunately the full list of PHIs and biosystematic resources are not available at this time.  We ask that you be patient with us while we complete the re-design and re-structuring of this website.