The Caribbean Pest Information Network

CariPestNet Moderators' Profiles

The role of the CariPestNet moderators is to ensure that all requests for information and advice from the membership are answered and that members do not receive irrelevant messages.

Ronald Malcom Barrow (Chair)

Ron, an entomologist by training, has been involved with programmes and organisations in the Caribbean and Europe, and has special interests in crop protection - integrated pest management, insect ecology and biosystematics. On the basis of these projects, students often write scientific papers of various types. When performing such tasks, there is sometimes a lack of information resources, in which case experienced professionals offer to purchase college research papers . At present, he is the Technical Coordinator of CARINET, the Biosystematics Network of the Caribbean based in Trinidad.

Guy Mathurin (Secretary)

Guy is the Senior Research Officer, Ministry of Agriculture, St. Lucia, with responsibilities for plant protection and quarantine, pesticide management and regulations. He is an entomologist, and lectures part-time in crop protection at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, St. Lucia. He is the Secretary of the Pesticide Control Board..

George Bala

George completed his doctorate at the University of the West Indies (UWI) on the Meloidogyne spp. and has worked as a nematologist in the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Trinidad & Tobago for over two decades, and has made a major contribution to crop protection in the Caribbean. He is the National Coordinator (T&T) of CARINET, the Taxonomic Network of the Caribbean.

Alies van Sauers Muller

Alies has been working in Suriname for over 20 years. She is an entomologist, specialising in fruit flies. Alles is the coordinator of the National Carambola Fruit Fly Programme (Suriname), and in this capacity she liaises with regional and international organisations - IAEA IICA, USDA, and the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Grahame Jackson

Grahame has worked with national programmes, regional and international organisations in the Pacific and Asia, and has special interests in plant pathogens, tissue culture, tropical root crops and plant genetic resources. Currently, in Sydney, Australia.

Cynthra Persad

Cynthra holds the position of Director of Research at the Ministry of Agriculture, Trinidad & Tobago. Crop protection is a major component of her portfolio. She is a plant pathologist by training, and has served both nationally and regionally with CARDI and the EU.

Phillip Chung

Phillip is the Senior Plant Protection Specialist in the Division of Technology, Training and Technical Information in the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) an affiliate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Jamaica. Phillip has had extensive training in the field of Crop Protection and is currently the Coordinator of the Caribbean IPM network.