With what and how to wear a necklace?

Almost every girl has a necklace or a necklace in her wardrobe. Jewelry lovers buy jewelry made of semi-precious stones for permanent wear. An option when there are necklaces in the box that are suitable for a variety of occasions can be considered ideal. For example, for walks, festive evenings, and so on. However, not everyone can afford such wealth. For this reason, everyone tries to buy universal jewelry that is suitable for any occasion. That's why, at yantar.ua, we offer a wide selection of universal jewelry pieces that are not only exquisite but also versatile, ensuring that you have the perfect accessory for any occasion.

The necklace must be correctly selected and must correspond to the features of the figure. It is very important what material the ornament is made of, its appearance should be modest and solemn at the same time. Glowing stones are suitable for an evening event. Amber is a universal stone that will look great both during the day and in the evening. Having many shades, and possessing the ability to create a warm glow around itself, this gem is considered the most democratic material for the production of jewelry.

Намисто з бурштину

With what outfit and how to wear an amber necklace?

Such an ornament will look great on a business outfit and an evening dress. The only condition is that the amber necklace must match the figure.

  • For a thin girl, a long string on which large beads are strung is best. It is desirable that these beads are separated by chains or other details.
  • Women with large shoulders and large breasts should not wear a short necklace made of small stones. Long strings that have several turns will look good. The larger the neckline, the longer the necklace should be.

Янтарные бусы

Clothes that cover the neck can be decorated with a long necklace, which should be below the middle of the chest. A similar length will decorate a small round neckline. The neckline with a V-shaped neckline is decorated with a necklace of the same shape.

Short necklaces are very suitable for a large round or square neckline. They can be worn with a shirt under a jacket. The necklaces will fit tightly to the body, where several centimeters will be visible.

An amber necklace can be made of raw or polished stone. The polished stone is used in the jewelry industry, and the rough stone is used to treat thyroid diseases.

For health, it is best to use beads of medium length, made of raw sunstone. The constant wearing of such beads has a beneficial effect on the immune system and heals the thyroid gland.

Кульки з бурштину

Polished amber necklaces

After grinding and further polishing, the top crust disappears in the amber, the stone shows its true beauty. But, in the absence of a healing crust, the necklaces will not have any healing effect, so they are used only for decorations.

Necklaces made of polished amber have many different shades. The color palette of sunstone is huge. It can be dark brown, matte white, and so on. For girls who have dark skin, yellowish necklaces are suitable. The dark iridescence of the stone looks very good on girls with brown eyes. When choosing necklaces, do not forget that amber stone looks beautiful with dark, swamp, and white flowers.

Often, stores cannot satisfy the buyer's wishes. The products sold do not suit him according to certain criteria. There is a way out. You can simply place an order for the manufacture of an amber necklace from a jeweler. It will surely be in harmony with the figure, hair, and eye color.